Stolarczyk Group



Ladies and gentlemen,

STOLARCZYK GROUP is 100% Polish capital, experience, modern
and innovative technology, reliability and honesty.

The leader of the GROUP is the company STOLARCZYK FIRE FIGHTING TECHNOLOGY providing for over 25 years its products for fire protection units and uniformed services on many continents.

GRABINEX Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest suppliers of granite products in Poland. The extraction and processing of this raw material is the company's main business profile.

WSK - PZL KROSNO S.A. has been providing the highest quality products for the aviation, food, chemical, metal and transport industries for over 70 years.

HILLTECH M&S S.A. are modern technologies from the IT industry.

All members of the STOLARCZYK GROUP are a strong team that can compete on global markets